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Company History

Founded in 1995, KHI Construction began operations in Portland, OR. Within two years, KHI progressed into the commercial construction industry, expanding operations into medical construction in 2000. Over the next several years, work paralleled KHI Commercial and then accelerated following KHI’s partnership with Stryker Corporation. Today, KHI Medical is focused on being a turnkey Operating Room renovation solution. Combining trade experience from the KHI family of construction with deliberate processes and expertise in Infection Control Risk Assessment (ICRA), KHI is ideally positioned to handle all scopes of work. A few areas of specialization include the following:

General Contracting
Documentation Station

Steel Fabrication
Light & Equipment Boom Installation

Data Cable/Fiber Installation & Certification
Medical Gas

While we provide the best turnkey solution, this doesn’t mean we complete everything with in-house employees.  For trades that require local certification, we vet, hire, and oversee local tradesmen with local certifications, code expertise, or facility experience.  Regardless of the make-up of the team, KHI maintains an unwavering commitment to integrity, customer service, and superior quality, resulting in a remarkable experience for our clientele.

Realizing this sounds like most website statements, we take things a step further to solve the most stressful problem clients face – maintaining awareness of the project when not onsite. To address this important need, we developed an interactive client experience, providing updates as we complete task-specific checklists which are documented with pictures taken throughout the day. In near-real time, utilizing a computer or mobile device, our client can view a “Status Dashboard”, which details progress as KHI completes checklist items. We feel providing daily pictures and videos improves awareness, confidence, and trust in our commitment to integrity, customer service, and superior quality.

Nurse station