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How long does it take to complete an OR renovation?

While most renovations are similar in scope, occasionally a project may require more or less time due to the type of Operating Room. As a result, the typical renovation can take one to three weeks depending on the aforementioned.  

What reports do you provide during and after projects?

  • Daily Reports
  • End-of-Day Photos
  • Checklist Dashboard
  • As-Builts (with calibrated tools & certified installers)
  • QIP (in accordance with client specifications)
  • Fluke Test Results (Copper and Fiber Optics Cables)
  • Medical gas certifications
  • Engineering reports



Are KHIM installers and technicians trained and certified?

Yes. KHI installers and technicians are trained both On-the-Job and in the classroom for a combination of practical and academic knowledge for the tasks they will complete in the field. Additionally, all KHI employees are required to undergo OSHA training. All training completion and certificates are recorded, tracked, and available upon request from our clients.