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Transparency and Checklists


“Trust, but Verify”This  cold war quote says it best and we understand customers feel the same.  While we work hard to earn and maintain trust, we also believe it’s important to afford our client the ability to verify quality, progress, and workmanship.   As a result, we share our checklists, daily reports, and end-of-day photos, allowing clients to view progress, understand challenges, and physically see the changes at the conclusion of every day.

Gone are the days when meeting a deadline is left to question.  No longer will you show up to a work site and be surprised by the level of progress.  With KHI’s interactive checklist software, clients are able to observe updates for each intermediate step, providing the best project awareness experience possible.  Even better, clients can check progress while off site.  Whether in the office, home, or attending a kid’s soccer game, access to the internet is all that’s required to stay up to date. Combine this with our experienced tradesmen, we believe this is an unbeatable quality solution with a remarkable customer experience.